VisSim to solidThinking Embed Product Map

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solidThinking Embed (formerly known as VisSim Embedded) is a visual environment for model based development of embedded systems. Its highly efficient diagram-to-code capability shortens the development time and increases product quality.

Simulation Edition

solidThinking Embed SE - formerly called VisSim - is a visual environment for model-based design and dynamic simulation of complex systems. It combines an intuitive graphical interface with a powerful simulation engine to accurately represent linear and nonlinear systems, and simulate their behavior in continuous time, sampled time, or a combination of both

Comm Module

solidThinking Embed/Comm, lets you model end-to-end communication systems at the signal or physical level. With its full complement of communication blocks and powerful, time-domain simulation engine, Embed/Comm provides fast and accurate solutions for analog, digital, and mixed-mode communication systems.

Digital Power Designer Module

solidThinking Embed/Digital Power Designer provides high-level blocks for simulation and code generation of power supply and digital power components and controls. Embed/Digital Power Designer blocks let you develop a working controller that can be directly downloaded to the MCU for digital power applications.

C-Code Library Source Code Module

solidThinking Embed/C-Code Library Source Code module provides the source code to the Visual RTOS (VRTOS) C-Code library. By combining the VRTOS library with your generated code you can bring your compiled diagrams to any target

Target Support Library Source Code Module

solidThinking Embed/Target Support Library Source Code module allows you to use solidThinking Embed to deploy generated code on any target