The purpose of this self paced course is to introduce running optimizations with the Inspire environment. Most sections will use the See It, Try It, Do It methodology to cover the concepts. See It allows you to watch a video demonstration of the exercise covered in the section. Try It allows you to go through an interactive video which will guide you through performing the exercise. Do It consists of a written exercise and model that can be opened in Inspire which allows you to perform the exercise on your own. Some sections will also contain interactive guides to provide a detailed description of the different options contained within a panel or browser. Click the button below to get started!


Click Menu to open the menu to go use the arrows to go to the Next topic or the Previous Previous topic. The See It, Try It, Do It options are available in the Menu for those topics that contain exercises. The Do It option will download a zip file that contains a model and a pdf file of the exercise.

Click the Table of Contents tab to move between the different topics within the course.


What is Inspire?
User Interface
Model Browser
Property Editor
Model Handling


What is an Optimization?
Running an Optimization
Design Space
Load Cases
Shape Controls
Minimize Mass Objective
Displacement Constraint


Push/Pull Tool
Boolean Operations