Model Browser

The Model Browser shows all of the objects in your model in a tree structure. It can be opened using the View menu or by pressing the command symbol for mac+1 key. By default it is docked on the left side of the application window, but it can be undocked and repositioned as needed.

The Model Browser is useful for organizing your model and for accessing objects that aren't currently shown in the modeling window. Each object in the browser is preceded by an icon that indicates the type of object. Clicking on an object's icon shows or hides the object in the modeling window with each successive click. When an object is hidden, it appears grayed out in the model browser.

The controls at the top of the Model Browser are used to find and filter objects. Some properties such as mass, element size, and thickness can be displayed in the Model Browser by right-clicking on the Object column to open the Browser Properties window.

Context menus can be accessed by right-clicking on objects in the Model Browser. The menu options change dynamically based on what is selected and contain commands that allow you to edit the selected item.

The context menu is accessed by right-clicking an object in the Model Browser.