Simplify/Patch Tools

Use the Simplify tools to clean up problem areas in the geometry of a model before running an analysis or optimization. They can be accessed from the Simplify tool on the Geometry ribbon.
The Simplify tool opens a secondary ribbon with several additional tools: Each tool opens a guide bar that can be used to find the selected geometry feature. When you click on a tool, the find operation is performed automatically. Areas with the selected feature are shown in red, and the number found is shown in a counter above the tool. Use the arrow keys on either the guide bar or your keyboard to pan your model from one feature to the next. You can remove or plug all of the red areas automatically using the guide bar, or manually by clicking them individually. Chains of contiguous features can be removed with a single click.

Use the Patch tool to fill in missing surfaces, or to remove and remake bad or problematic surfaces. It can be accessed from the Geometry tab on the ribbon.

Click the icons below to open a series of tabs to explain what each icon is, why it is important and how it works.

tool-1 tool-2 tool-3 tool-4 tool-4