Setup an Analysis

In order to run a linear static analysis, you must first define one or more load cases containing both loads and supports. The analysis will return results for displacement, factor of safety, percent of yield, tension and compression, von Mises stress, and major principal stress for each load case. You may also choose to analyze your model for normal modes, with or without supports. If you select without supports and have not defined any load cases, your model will be analyzed for normal modes only. Once the analysis is complete, you can interactively view the results using the Analysis Explorer.

There is no design space for an analysis, so there is no requirement to break up your model into design and non–design spaces and apply loads only to the latter. Any part can be analyzed. However, if you intend to optimize the part later, it is beneficial to split your part into design and non–design spaces and apply appropriate loads and supports prior to running a baseline analysis.