Licensing Help for Inspire Extrude Polymer  

Trial License Instructions

  1. Extract the trial license file from the email you were sent after your trial request and save it to your desktop or another file folder location on your computer before continuing.
  2. Download the installer package
  3. Run the installation program.
  4. Rename your license file to altair_lic.dat and copy this to the security folder under your installation. This will typically be:

    C:\Program Files\ProductName\Version\security
  5. Start the software

Commercial License Instructions

  1. Visit to register your license serial number listed to request your license file. You will receive your license file within 24 business hours.
  2. Save the license to your computer desktop to use later to activate your software.
  3. Download the installer.
  4. Run the installation program and click Done when the installation is complete.
  5. Click on the installation guide and follow the instructions to install and activate the software.
  6. Start the software.
Have a Question? If you need assistance beyond what is provided above, please contact us.

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