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Design for Extrusion

Driving designs that are cognizant of the downstream manufacturing processes Increasing manufacturing costs and stiff competition coupled with low profit margins are posing tremendous challenges to extrusion companies, especially automotive and aerospace industries. One way the leading companies stay ahead of the competition is by reducing the product development time and production costs through virtual testing. Design engineers and analysts use CAE software to analyze and validate die designs and thereby reduce/eliminate costly die trials. This webinar explains how extrusion simulation framework provides an easy to use CAE environment to: - Validate extrusion die designs - Optimize process conditions - Identify potential defects and correct them before becoming critical problems


Introducing the Next Generation Manufacturing Simulation Solutions on Altair Inspire™ Platform

Altair manufacturing simulation tools have received an extensive amount of development efforts to expand their simulation capabilities.


Altair Inspire Extrude Datasheet

Altair Inspire Extrude is a simulation environment designed to help extrusion companies meet the ever increasing demands to produce complex profiles with tight tolerances, quality surface finishes, and high strength properties at reduced cost. Inspire Extrude is a virtual press where users can visualize material flow and temperature inside a die during extrusion and make necessary changes to ensure balanced flow, while identifying and eliminating product defects.

Brochures & Datasheets

Inspire Extrude Polymer Workflow - Step 1

Step 1: Import Load and Extract Volumes

Training Materials

Inspire Extrude Polymer Workflow - Step 2

Step 2: Material Selection and Organizing Layers

Training Materials

Inspire Extrude Polymer Workflow - Step 3

Step 3: Process Data and Run Analysis

Training Materials

Inspire Extrude Polymer Workflow - Step 4

Step 4: Run Post Processing

Training Materials
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