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From Know How to Know Why! - Digital Twin Design Process opening new horizons for Investment Casting

Development based on experience often means that you know what happens, but you don‘t know why! The use of Digital Twins in development helps convert empirical knowledge into physical. This creates a valid basis for optimization and caters the need for rising performance, lightweight or cost requirements. Watch the webinar recording "From Know How to Know Why!" - Digital Twin Design Process opening new horizons for Investment Casting presented jointly with Feinguss Blank, one of the leading investment casting foundries in Europe and the EICF. In this webinar recording you will learn how Feinguss Blank applies smart cast processes to address development challenges. The presentation will: demonstrate the application of simulation-driven design and additive manufacturing to drive next generation lightweight designs through an investment casting process. show an integrated workflow on simulation-driven-design and manufacturability, to obtain lightweight parts in a single environment. feature how to apply this digital twin platform for investment casting, sand-casting and within additive manufacturing or hybrid manufacturing processes.


Altair Inspire Cast – Filters for Gravity Casting

Filter is one of the crucial components of filling system in Castings used for multiple purpose as: • Maintain metal flow at gate. • Avoid turbulent behavior of liquid metal during filling. • Retain impurities, foam and slag from the metal. • To avoid sudden impact of metal in the cavity due to head height.

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Altair Inspire Cast Overview Video

Altair Inspire Cast software is a fast, easy, accurate and affordable casting simulation environment focused on creating high quality components with increased profitability through a highly intuitive user experience. It is the only tool that caters to beginners and experts alike, from product designers to foundry engineers.

Product Overview Videos

Designing for Profitable Casting (South African Case Study)

Several prototype castings, scrap material and low quality castings cost foundries valuable time and money. Simulation and non-destructive testing offers technology to reduce the time from CAD concept to successful casting, and helps to minimise typical loss drivers in casting profitability. Nic Minnaar, Application Engineer at Altair & Prof. Anton du Plessis from the CT Scanning Facility at the University of Stellenbosch, will present a case study to explain how Altair Inspire Cast and CT scanning enables the design of efficient casting processes. This South African case study will demonstrate the collaborative value of Inspire Cast and CT scanning for profitable casting.


Inspire Cast 2019 Introduction

In this course, you will have the opportunity to learn about the Inspire Cast 2019 interface along with tools and workflows contained within Inspire Cast. Modules contained within the course provide detailed descriptions of the tools and workflows within Inspire Cast. You will also have the opportunity to watch and perform hands-on exercises within each module.

Training Materials

Inspire Cast - Getting Started

A course to help users get started using Inspire Cast including an interface tour and workflow training/videos.

Getting Started, Training Materials

How to Design Die-Casting Parts with Altair Inspire Cast

Presentation by El Abidi Ahmed, CAE Manager - Senior Expert at U-Shin Group.

Presentations, Videos

Altair Inspire Cast Tilt Pouring Demo Model

Demo model for tilt pouring for Altair Inspire Cast.

Demo Models, Training Materials

Altair Inspire Cast High Pressure Die Casting Component Model

Downloadable high pressure die casting component demo model for Altair Inspire Cast.

Demo Models, Training Materials

Altair Inspire Cast Low Pressure Die Casting Component Model

Downloadable low pressure die casting component model for Altair Inspire Cast.

Demo Models, Training Materials

Introducing the Next Generation Manufacturing Simulation Solutions on Altair Inspire™ Platform

Altair manufacturing simulation tools have received an extensive amount of development efforts to expand their simulation capabilities.


Altair Inspire Cast Datasheet

Altair Inspire Cast was developed with its end users in mind. We strive to make casting simulation as easy as possible by using ‘foundryman’s language’ in our software. Every word in the interface comes from the casting process world. Not only is the software incredibly easy to use, it is also highly accurate and powerful. Get started with Inspire Cast today to further investigate and explore your casting process with just a few clicks.

Brochures & Datasheets

The Complete Design for Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Toolchain

To successfully take advantage of the benefits of 3D printing and additive manufacturing, a new design and simulation process must be used. It is not beneficial to simply ‘print’ a current design. New tools and advanced computational power have enabled users to optimize solid geometries for stiffness and weight, and also allowed them to simulate loading conditions and lightweight designs. These new computational tools also give users the opportunity to test how a design will perform under real-world conditions.


Wisconsin Precision Casting Corporation

Wisconsin Precision Casting Corporation, an investment casting manufacturer utilized Altair Inspire and Altair Inspire Cast. for a design study that focused on the redesign of a regenerative turbine pump cover.

Customer Stories

Altair Inspire Cast Gravity Casting Model

Downloadable gravity casting model for Altair Inspire Cast.

Demo Models, Training Materials

U-Shin Ltd.

U-Shin is currently employing Altair Inspire Cast to perform testing and optimization to create sound, redesigned automotive parts.U-Shin has seen significant time and cost savings by utilizing Altair Inspire Cast.

Customer Stories

Woodland/Alloy Casting Inc.

Woodland/Alloy Casting is simulating and testing aluminum casting projects in Altair Inspire Cast. By running simulations in Altair Inspire Cast, Woodland/Alloy Casting can more accurately predict defect-free castings, while reducing time and cost in the overall casting process.

Customer Stories
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