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Altair Embed Target Hardware Supported

Target hardware support for Altair Embed™: TI: F28x, MSP430, ARM Cortex M3 Arduino: Atmel ST Micro: STM32F3

Technical Papers

Altair Embed™ & CCS Software Installation

Step by step instructions to install the Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio, Uniflash and Altair Embed™ software on your computer.

Tutorials, Videos

Motor Identification for InstaSPIN™ Field Oriented Control Hardware in the Loop

InstaSPIN: Motor Control solution from Texas Instruments

Tutorials, Videos

Field Oriented Control Simulation

Short introduction to the theory of closed loop field oriented control of a PMSM.

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Field Oriented Control Hardware in the Loop

Hardware Used: TI LaunchXL-F28069M, BoostXL-DRV8301, Teknic M2310

Tutorials, Videos

Sensorless Field Oriented Control Hardware in the Loop

Employing TI's FAST (Flux, Angle, Speed, and Torque) observer

Tutorials, Videos

Model-Based Development of Mechatronic Products

Learn how next generation math and system design products can be applied right from concept studies, control design, multi-domain system performance optimization to controller implementation & testing.

Webinar Recordings

Arduino Series: Dimming an LED in Less than One Minute

Demonstration of rapid development with Altair Embed

Tutorials, Videos

Arduino Series: Blinking the Arduino LED

First steps in programming an Arduino

Tutorials, Videos

Efficient Control of AC Machines using Model-Based Development

This webinar, hosted by IEEE, focuses on Motor Control using Embed

Videos, Webinar Recordings


PaceControls developed its 3rd generation Android-based HVACR Equipment control, which satisfied all project requirements and had 0 defect escapes, by implementing a Model Based Design (MBD) process.

Customer Story


AMETEK utilized model-based development to develop a new embedded control system for a aerospace suit  chiller unit under a very tight schedule and high safety standards.

Customer Story

Texas Instruments

Using Altair Embed, Texas Instruments was able to develop an embedded simulation of an entire system.

Customer Story
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