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Signal Processing

Remove noise from signal data using in-built functions with Altair Compose

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CAE Test Data

Import various types of CAE or test data for visualization and/or manipulation in Altair Compose

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Curve Fitting

Fit an optimized curve through imported test data with Altair Compose

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Plot Types

2D and 3D plots in Altair Compose - plot, scatter, plot3, surf, contour, contour3, waterfall, polar, semilog, loglog, area, bar

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Operators in Altair Compose - Matrix multiplication, division, transpose, power; relational and logical operations; bitwise operations; set operations

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Basic Plot Commands

Basic plot commands in Altair Compose - plot, subplot, grid and linewidth.

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Defining Functions

Defining Functions in Altair Compose - variable length argument lists; use of nargin, nargout, varargin, global, and feval

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Data Types

Data Types in Altair Compose - Complex, Double, Strings, Structures, Cell Arrays

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Model-Based Development of Mechatronic Products

Learn how next generation math and system design products can be applied right from concept studies, control design, multi-domain system performance optimization to controller implementation & testing.

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Creating/running scripts

Introduction to creating and running scripts

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CAE Engineers - Get more productive using Altair Compose

This is where Altair Compose can help enable you to efficiently perform numerical computations, develop algorithms, analyze & visualize various types of data.

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