Altair 365™

Simulation-Driven Design in the Cloud

Altair 365 Overview

Altair 365 democratizes simulation by allowing users of Altair’s solidThinking units licensing model the on-demand flexibility to access the Altair Inspire platform and the entire Altair solidThinking suite of products on-premises or in the cloud. Altair 365 delivers instant-on cloud access lowering the barrier of entry for organizations with limited IT and compute resources to drive their design process with simulation. For those with a higher simulation maturity-level, Altair 365 together with solidThinking units licensing allows organizations to easily and cost-effectively scale resources to meet increased simulation demand.

Whether running on the desktop or on Altair 365, Altair Inspire customers will enjoy the same award-winning user experience to easily and seamlessly switch between the two versions. Altair Inspire on Altair 365 offers additional enterprise relevant services including visual collaboration with peers, version control, and robust secure data management.

Altair 365 Overview Video

Why Altair 365?

Instant On Experience

Harness the power of the cloud and leverage its powerful computing and GPU resources.

Collaborate in the Cloud

Collaborate with co-workers and a global community of engineers with the ability to share models, review and comment on models, annotate screenshots, favorite models and more.

Robust Data Management

Manage and share multiple versions and branches of models with robust and secure file management tools.

Altair 365 Features

Cloud Based

Use all of the same applications you use on your desktop to perform Simulation-driven Design in the Cloud.

Easy to Learn

Create efficient designs using the easy to learn Inspire user interface.


Access the Altair 365 applications instantly without any startup delays.

On-demand Licensing

Access a SaaS application on-demand with the same flexible licensing you use on the desktop.

Snappy Computation

Leverage high performance computing on the cloud for fast simulation results.

Hassle Free Data Management

Manage multiple versions and branches of models without worrying about files and folders.

Secure Collaborative Environment

Collaborate with peers, customers and suppliers easily in a secure collaborative environment.

Visual Collaborative Environment

Leverage 3D visualizations and view, markup, share, and favorite models for collaboration.

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