October 2012 Newsletter

solidThinking InspireTM 9.0 released

We are very excited to announce the official release of solidThinking Inspire™ 9.0.

New features and improvements in Inspire 9.0 include: frequency targets, powerful sketching tools, Boolean operations, improved navigation and view controls, faster shape exploration, improved geometry capture, integration with Altair HyperWorks and Japanese language support.

Check out What’s New in Inspire 9.0 for details on these enhancements, along with videos demonstrating the new tools in action and links to obtain information on pricing and trials.

Desktop Engineering’s Kenneth Wong reviews Inspire 9.0TM

Last month, we shared Desktop Engineering contributor and industry expert Kenneth Wong’s thoughts on solidThinking Evolve – and he declared Evolve is a “gem for conceptual design.” On the heels of this experience, Kenneth experimented with Inspire 9.0 and tested its weight reduction and optimization capabilities. In a lighthearted comparison to Jenny Craig, he notes that Inspire 9.0 is “weight loss made easy.”

To review the software, Kenneth subjected many of his own 3D designs to a “rigorous weight-loss regimen,” and within minutes, he was able to reduce the weight of his concepts up to 50 percent. He highlights the benefits weight reduction provides users, including significant savings in material, production and shipping costs.

He also touts Inspire’s optimization skills, noting, “Currently, optimization strikes many as a black art, practiced by digital alchemists. Technologies like Altair’s Inspire will go a long way to demystify the process and make it more digestible.”

The full review can be viewed on The Virtual Desktop, Kenneth’s Desktop Engineering blog. A detailed version also will be included in the magazine’s November issue.

Architect Peter Macapia bridges the gap with Inspire

The changing world of design is generating a necessity to bridge the gaps between architecture, design and engineering. Peter Macapia, architectural designer and Pratt Institute professor, uses Inspire to address these and other industry evolutions in a new video.

Macapia notes that Inspire provides a way to think about design through materials, structures and environments, while encouraging a deeper analysis of each element. Inspire also gives architects a new handle on developing the insights that will be needed to design the buildings of the future.

solidThinking EvolveTM 9.0 takes center stage at China HyperWorks Technology Conference

The China installment of the 2012 Global Altair HyperWorks Technology Conference series was held in Shanghai last month. During the two-day, user-focused event, Application Specialist Mingcun Lu introduced attendees to Evolve 9.0, and solidThinking customer Helifork presented their success story with Evolve. In addition, attendees got a preview of Inspire 9.0 features highlighting the intuitive user interface, improved functionality and language support.


More Information:

October Tips & Tricks: Applying Textures and Materials


This month’s Tips & Tricks addresses techniques for applying textures and materials to the individual surfaces of an object in Evolve. These include:

  • Using Face Extract to group surfaces
  • Leveraging Label to apply images and textures
  • Employing the Texture mapping tool to interactively control images and textures

If you have a tip or trick you'd like to share, or comments, questions or feedback, please email us at newsletter@solidthinking.com. Our team is here to answer your questions and share best practices. Your feedback or tip/trick may make it to our next newsletter - we'll credit you, too!

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