July 2012 Newsletter

New solidThinking EvolveTM 9.0 now Available

solidThinking EvolveTM 9.0, the successor to solidThinking 8.5 has been released.

We are thrilled to share with you the dozens of updates, both large and small, that make solidThinking Evolve 9.0 easier and faster to use, while offering an environment in which designers are very comfortable working.

Among its many significant updates, solidThinking Evolve 9.0 features a simplified user interface and workflow, improved comprehensive modeling interaction, interactive photorealistic rendering and additional format support. You can visit our What's New in Evolve 9.0 page for a full list of updates and features, videos and testimonials highlighting the product's enhanced capabilities, and links to obtain information on pricing and trials.

Your ongoing excitement, interest and willingness to share insights into our products and your design needs have contributed immensely to the development and launch of Evolve 9.0, truly making it an evolution of the software. We are confident that the updates contained in this release will appeal to designers across all sectors of the design community. We encourage you to contact us directly in our newly launched forum with any questions or feedback.

An Update on solidThinking InspireTM 9.0

Our team is pleased to share with you an update on the launch of solidThinking InspireTM 9.0, our breakthrough software that enables design engineers and architects to explore structurally efficient concepts in the earliest phases of the design process. Coming in the Fall of 2012, solidThinking Inspire 9.0 adds powerful new sketching and Boolean tools that will allow users to create or modify geometry used for optimization. It also provides greater control of optimized shapes, including the addition of frequency targets. We'll keep you updated on our progress in newsletters leading up to the launch.

Global Insights: Taiwanese Students Draw Inspiration From solidThinking for Unique Designs

1 Our Taiwan-based partners at Flotrend Corporation recently held a design competition at the Taiwan Shih Chien University, using solidThinking InspiredTM 8.5 to ideate and blow out a design concept during a student workshop.

Shih Chien University is one of the most highly-regarded universities in Taiwan and houses a sophisticated ID department that focuses on combining theory and practice. During the competition, students not only generated concepts using solidThinking Inspire, but they also practiced the entire design process, from generating 3D models to producing them as prototypes.

The competition was a great success as represented by the final results from all of the entrants and the positive commendations from the professors of Shih Chien University. First prize went to Oni Lee, who created a submarine design called "Stingray," which through his exploration using solidThinking Inspire, he likened to an alien from a science fiction movie. The process and journey that he went through in just a short period of time is testament to solidThinking Inspire's ability to take a simple idea and transform it to another level.

Lee was awarded NT30000 by Flotrend and his exciting design is pictured here. Congratulations and thanks to all of the participants for their inspiring designs.

The original Chinese article written about the design competition can be found at: http://flotrend.blogspot.com. 3

Where in the World Is the solidThinking Team?


This past month, the solidThinking team ventured back to its home market in Detroit to participate in parent company Altair's Americas HyperWorks Technology Conference. Our program managers of product strategy & development Darren Chilton and Andy Bartels were on hand to share updates about solidThinking EvolveTM and InspireTM as well as give live demos for customers, partners and press.

During the conference, Peter Macapia, architectural designer and Pratt Institute professor, delivered a presentation discussing current research on architecture and urban density through topology optimization and how solidThinking Inspire can play a role. Aerospace and defense company AAI also presented about solidThinking Inspire allowing design engineers to create better initial designs that can meet most downstream criteria as well as offer a topologically optimized design in the concept stage.

As always, we thank all of the conference attendees for taking the time to connect with solidThinking. Please continue to visit our events page for more information on upcoming conferences, and be on the lookout for solidThinking at various international HyperWorks Technology Conferences this year.



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July Tips & Tricks: Importing Reference Images


In this month's Tips & Tricks, Darren Chilton discusses using 2D images as reference to create 3D models Click to watch the video for tips on:

  • Editing images to simplify the setup in Evolve
  • Import and Setup of reference images
If you have a tip or trick you'd like to share, or comments, questions or feedback, please email us at newsletter@solidthinking.com. Our team is here to answer your questions and share best practices. Your feedback or tip/trick may make it to our next newsletter - we'll credit you, too!

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