December 2012 Newsletter

solidThinking series continues in November issue of Desktop Engineering

As you may have read in our September and October newsletters, Desktop Engineering contributor Kenneth Wong has spent time this fall reviewing both Evolve 9.0 and Inspire 9.0. The November print edition of Desktop Engineering features the latest installment of his solidThinking review series, describing his in-depth experience with Inspire 9.0. Among his conclusions: solidThinking Inspire 9.0 simplifies the quest for optimal geometry.

“The current process is to build the geometry, analyze it, refine the geometry, analyze it again and it goes on until the designers and engineers are satisfied that they’ve reached the best design,” writes Wong. “But a new, emerging workflow could replace the current cycle with a shorter one, by relying on the software to identify the best shape for your design. Altair Engineering’s SolidThinking Inspire, a companion to SolidThinking Evolve (reviewed in DE’s October issue), exemplifies such a workflow.”

Visit Desktop Engineering online for the full extended review, including Wong’s thoughts on the Inspire 9.0 modeling tools, draw directions and shape controls, and optimization capabilities.

Customer Highlight: Maped

Maped, a leader in office and school supplies, places design at the heart of product development. The company leverages Evolve to enable this brand value, since both form and function are integral to product success and the user’s experience. Compasses, rulers and sharpeners are a few of the many Maped products that demonstrate design innovation realized through Evolve:

In an industry that boasts countless options for these products, Maped’s design is one of the elements that truly sets it apart from the competition.

solidThinking Evolve in the Classroom

Students at the Alpha Channel Computer Graphics Center in Brazil put Evolve to work in their one-year technical course on computer graphics. Instructor Michel de Santis shared his students’ assignments, which feature the designs they’ve created in the software. Among these: pool tables, athletic stadiums, chairs, logos, unique clocks and home interiors.

The solidThinking team has marveled at what these students have come up with, and we anticipate great things to come from these young designers.

Employee Spotlight: Andrew Bartels

Andrew Bartels is program manager for solidThinking Inspire and an integral part of the team. He is passionate about design optimization and is committed to consistently improving solidThinking Inspire, from its user interface to the functionality that allows design engineers and architects to execute innovative design. He has been a part of the team for 12 years and counts his travels with colleagues among the highlights of his tenure. Read more about Andrew here.


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December Tips & Tricks: Pixel Mapping


This month’s Tips & Tricks video provides insight into the pixel mapping process, including:

  • Techniques for using 2D images to create 3D geometry
  • Methods to create embossed logos and textures on a model for rapid prototypes
Check out the full video on the solidThinking Blog.

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