From Architosh: Product Review: solidThinking Inspire 2014

In this product review, Architosh looks at the unique solidThinking Inspire 2014 CAE-based industrial design and architecture design tool for optimizing parts and structures for weight and strength. Using the company’s unrivaled “morphogenesis” technology designers see inspiration in unique responses to forces and stress that minimize mass while retaining strength responses to loads and forces.

When we originally set out to review this product the aim was to focus specifically on the exploratory architectural aspects of its use. However, as luck would have it, our review grew too large. Therefore, we decided to publish a general review with a companion special feature article on the use of Inspire 2014 for generative and conceptual architectural and civil design. (article coming in a few days). It’s important to expand the notion of this tool beyond architecture. As you will see, both here and in the special companion article, Inspire has wide applicability to structures of all types.

This review will contain three main parts. Part 1 will detail the features that are new to solidThinking Inspire 2014 and cover the general workflow within the program. Part 2 will then take the reader through some sample problems to familiarize the reader with the nature of the program. Finally, Part 3 will briefly touch on the architectural aspects of the program and offer conclusions. The companion feature will delver deeper into the architectural nature of the program through case studies of how to use Inspire 2014 to ideate, to generate inspiration, and even to solve particular real-life workflow challenges.

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