solidThinking Inspire allows architects to generate and investigate structurally efficient concepts quickly and easily.

Inspire at a Glance

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What Inspire Users are Saying

Peter Macapia

"solidThinking inspire does what computation is supposed to do, allowing you to be in the driver's sear throughout the project. You get a vast array of responses and ways the structure can be treated materially."   View Video

Peter Macapia,
Architect and Professor, LabDORA

Tony Pimentel

"Generating concepts with inspire is easy, the user interface is very friendly. We can sketch, analyze, and see the results quickly so that we can generate a lot of concepts. It excites me when I open up Inspire, it's really inspiring me a lot!"

Eng. Tony C. Pimentel,
President & Principal, Pimentel & Associates Engineering Consultants

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The Inspire Design Process

Import or sketch your model in a user-friendly environment
Inspire assists architects in understanding optimal load paths of the structure by using the loading as input.
The user-friendly interface shortens the learning curve while computation time is reduced thanks to fast and robust algorithms.
Generate new structures and define architectural language
Inspire helps make free form structures feasible by combining structural optimization and fabrication constraints.
Topology optimization, an advanced structural optimization technique used in automotive and aerospace design, helps define the ideal structure for specified loads and constraints.
Refine and present your concept in solidThinking Evolve
solidThinking Evolve helps to interpret and develop design concepts generates with Inspire using the latest 3D modeling techniques.
Photorealistic materials and real time rendering make it possible to quickly create stunning presentations.
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Generate the Ideal Shape

Image Image

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Learn More About Inspire

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Inspire is the ideal tool for structural form finding. It helps architects to explore free-form structures by validating structural performance via the latest technology and a user-friendly environment.

Click here to watch the Inspire 2014 Introduction Webinar!

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