Evolve 2017

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Evolve 2017

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The following features and capabilities have been added or modified for solidThinking Evolve® version 2017:



Evolve 2017


New Features and Enhancements


Symmetry: New Planar Symmetry and Radial Symmetry tools have been added to replace the Mirror and Polar Copy tools.
Loft and Sweep feedback: The Loft and Sweep tools now provide additional feedback in cases of failure.
Length Parameter: A length parameter has been added to the Line and Rounded Polyline tools.
Curve Offset: When using the Curve Offset tool, you can now select surface edges directly.
Depth of Field: All images which are rendered inside Evolve include a Depth Channel (tiff). This Z-depth channel can now be saved in the Image Browser and used in post-processing tools such as Adobe Photoshop to simulate the natural blurring of foreground and background scene elements when viewed through a camera lens.
File Import/Export: The user interface for importing and exporting IGES and STEP files has been unified and now includes the option to select either the Parasolid or the CoreTechnologie library. This eliminates the need for two IGES and STEP options when opening or saving files.
SVG Format: Evolve now supports import and export to SVG format.
PDF 2D Format: Evolve now supports export to PDF 2D format.
DWG and DXF Update: Support for the AutoCAD Drawing (.dwg) and AutoCAD Drawing Exchange (.dxf) formats has been upgraded.
Quick Help Link: You can now access help for the current tool by clicking the ? icon on the Control Panel.
Background Image: Added an option to hide the background image.
KeyShot Live Link: Updated the KeyShot plug-in to support Live Linking with KeyShot version 6.



Resolved Issues

Fixed an issue with the orientation of the Trim tool when using the custom direction parameter.
Fixed an issue with the Extrude tool when extruding surfaces in a non-planar case.
Fixed an issue with the division point when using the Divide Curve tool.
Fixed an issue with the Curve Offset tool generating incorrect caps.
Fixed an issue with offset point movement not working correctly in the Curve Offset tool when the Closed parameter is enabled.
Fixed an issue with Curve Offset and Surface Offset giving different results from the same source curve.
Fixed an issue with the Surface Offset tool causing a crash.
Fixed an issue with the Make Manifold tool not showing a broken status when the resulting object was not a solid body, and added a feedback message in the World Browser.
Fixed an issue with the Autosave saving files to the incorrect folder with an incorrect file extension.
Fixed an issue with an internal routine in font selection that could cause a crash.
Fixed an issue with the Shelling tool showing handles in an incorrect position.
Fixed an issue with the spacebar not working correctly to accept selections (Japanese keyboard only).
Fixed an issue with the Draft Analysis tool displaying incorrect color.
Fixed an issue with the Draft Analysis tool failing in certain cases.
Fixed an issue with selection of overlapping surfaces on Mac.