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solidThinking Evolve 2015 New Features


PolyNURBS Tools

  • All of the existing PolyNURBS tools have been improved to increase functionality and robustness.
  • Polymesh objects can be used with all surface and solid modeling tools while retaining construction history.
  • The new Edit PolyMesh tool combines vertex, edge, and face editing into one tool to simplify the polymesh editing workflow. We have added interactive controls for chamfering edges and extruding, insetting, and translating faces.
  • The new Combine PolyMesh tool allows separate polygonal objects to be combined into one single polymesh structure.
  • The new Faces Bridge tool allows connections to be made between separate faces.

PolyMesh to NURBS Conversion

  • Polymesh objects can now be automatically converted to NURBS surfaces with continuity using the Edit PolyMesh tool.

Extrude Tool

  • The updated Extrude tool now allows extrusions to be applied to multiple objects in a single operation and features symmetry and extrude-to-object options. It is also now possible to extrude surface edges in addition to curves.
  • Holding down the Ctrl key while selecting the Extrude tool now activates single object mode, enabling interactive click-and-drag geometry creation.

Loft Tool

  • The Loft tool now features vector control and new vertex placement to increase control over the surface shape, and you can swap the profiles and rails.

Sweep Tool

  • The Sweep tool now features vector control and new vertex placement to increase control over the surface shape.

Drafting Tools

  • The new Drafting View tool allows you to select groups of objects to be used in the Drawing environment.
  • The new Section View tool allows you to create and edit section views to be used in the drawing environment or visualized in the modeling windows. New section views with hatching, hidden lines, and antialiasing have been added to improve the drawing quality.

Curve on Surface Tool

  • The new Curve on Surface tool allows curves to be drawn directly on 3D surfaces.

Combine Tool

  • The Combine tool has been improved to create more robust geometry.

Trim Tool

  • The workflow for the Trim tool has been streamlined so that multiple curves and surfaces can be selected in a single step, allowing you to create multiple trimmed objects in a single operation. A new option, Perpendicular to Surface, allows curves to be projected perpendicular to the surface to be trimmed.

Face Extract Tool

  • The revised Face Extract tool allows you to create multiple objects in a single operation.

Boolean Union Tool

  • The revised Boolean Union tool automatically merges coincident faces, resulting in cleaner geometry output.

Drawing Environment

  • The Drawing environment now features section views with hatching, hidden lines, and antialiasing to improve the drawing quality.

Curve Projection Tool

  • The Path Cast tool is now called Curve Projection.

Revolve Tool

  • The Lathe tool is now called Revolve.



  • Evolve's next-generation rendering engine, evoRender, features new rendering technology and a completely redesigned user interface.
  • Rendering tools are now accessible from a toolbar above the modeling views, and material, environment, and rendering properties can now be modified in the Control Panel.

Interactive Rendering

  • The new and improved interactive rendering mode is more powerful and robust, and is performed directly inside the modeling views.

Missing Texture Locator Tool

  • The new Missing Texture Locator tool helps locate missing textures associated with .stl and .obj imports.

KeyShot 5 Plug-in

  • Evolve now supports KeyShot version 5.


Undo Function

  • The Undo command is now more robust and is applied to all intermediate steps such as point editing.

World Browser

  • The redesigned World Browser uses a tab system that provides easier access to objects, layers, materials, cameras, lights, construction planes, dimensions, and drafting views.

Units Management

  • Units are now displayed in the console and the Control Panel where appropriate. Values entered in different units are automatically converted to the current units.
  • When importing geometry, you are prompted to either accept the assigned units or convert to the current units

Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts

  • You can now modify most of the standard hotkeys and assign custom hotkeys to additional functions as well.

Standard Hotkeys

  • The hotkeys for Translate, Rotate, Scale have been changed to W, E, and R respectively.
  • When editing polymesh objects, the A, S, and D hotkeys can be used to edit vertices, edges, and faces.
  • The hotkeys for snapping to endpoints/midpoints and snapping to curves have been swapped; they are now Alt and Ctrl respectively. To make it easier to snap to curves, snapping to tangents no longer shares the same hotkey and can be only accessed via the Snaps Toolbar.

Customizable Pan and Zoom Controls

  • Shift and Ctrl can be swapped to enable pan and zoom controls familiar to Rhino users.

Selection Aids

  • Hotkeys have been added to help you modify a selection:
    • To add multiple objects to a selection, hold down Shift and box select.
    • To subtract multiple objects from a selection, hold down Ctrl+Shift and box select.
    • To invert the selection of multiple objects, hold down Ctrl and box select.
  • There are also new hotkeys to help you select edge loops and chains:
    • When in Edit Edges mode of the Edit PolyMesh tool, hold down Shift to select an edge loop. To deselect an edge loop, hold down Ctrl+Shift.
    • These same goes for selecting or deselecting adjacent edges during the console prompt of the Loft, Sweep, and Patch tools.


  • Added onscreen feedback for snaps on mouseover to identify the available snap.

Camera Rotation

  • Right Alt temporarily resets the camera rotation axis to the position of the mouse cursor.

Improved 3D Connexion Mouse Support

  • 3D Connexion mouse support has been improved to provide better control over camera rotation.

Control Panel

  • The Modeling Tool Panel is now called the Control Panel.


.3ds Files

  • Updated to the most current libraries and added support for colors and textures.

.obj Files

  • Updated to the most current libraries and added support for colors and textures.

.stl Files

  • Updated to the most current libraries.

New Evolve Bundle

  • When saving an Evolve model using Save As, a new option allows you to include any image files associated with the model.


Mac OS X 64-bit

  • New 64-bit application for Mac maximizes available hardware resources.

User Interface Languages

  • The Evolve user interface is now available in English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Mac Asian Character Support

  • Asian characters are now supported on Mac.

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