solidThinking Embed Hardware Support - Generic Target Support

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solidThinking Embed allows you to deploy generated code on any target. In addition to specific hardware targets like ARM Cortex we have a “Generic MCU” codegen target which results in highly efficient embedded C code that makes no assumptions about the underlying hardware. It lets you run the codegen wizard which will warn you of inefficient constructs that don’t run well in an embedded environment. The generated code relies on the Visual RTOS for proper operation. This includes system initialization, 1D, 2D and 3D table lookup, fixed point math, matrix math, CRC, fixed/float to string conversion, saturation, file I/O (SDcard) etc. The source code to this Visual RTOS C-Code library is available as a module. By combining the VRTOS library with your generated code you can bring your compiled diagrams to any target.

There is also a “Call from Foreign RTOS” codegen option. This causes the code to generate 3 external call points so that you can insert your generated code into an existing project running its own RTOS. The 3 call points are