Inspire (4945) Release Notes: August 4th, 2015
  • Fixed an issue where displacement constraints were not realized in the correct direction.
  • Fixed an issue where supports applied to screws were realized on the opposite side from what was shown.
  • Fixed an issue where torques were not visualized in the correct place on the model.
  • Fixed an issue with supports being used for optimization and analysis in load cases to which they were not assigned.
  • Fixed a crash when fitting a model.
  • Fixed a crash when reviewing contacts.
  • Fixed an issue viewing videos in Japanese online help.

Inspire (3969) Release Notes: December 9th, 2014
  • Fixed a crash that occurs after moving a sketch plane.
  • Fixed an issue that allows a user to delete an optimization/analysis run that are actively open in the session.
  • Fixed a crash when analyzing an optimized shape if one or more design spaces were removed during the optimization.
  • Fixed a bug that causes an analysis on an optimized shape to disconnect from loads and supports.
  • Fixed a mass calculation issue in the model browser.
  • Fixed a bug on some computers that blocks the ability to run Inspire when a user’s name contains special characters.
  • Fixed an issue caused by adding commas and other characters in the run names.