solidThinking Evolve 2016

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The Ultimate Hybrid Modeling and Rendering System

Evolve is a high quality 3D Hybrid Modeling and Rendering environment that enables industrial designers to evaluate, research and visualize various designs faster than ever before. Evolve runs on both Mac OS X and Windows.

Evolve 2016 introduces multiple new enhancements including:

  • New PolyNURBS toolset with Nurbify
  • Completely rebuilt rendering technology and user interface
  • Improved features and control for surface modeling tools
  • Multiple user interface enhancements
  • Mac 64-bit support

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Who uses Evolve?

Evolve is the modeling and rendering software of choice for numerous companies worldwide spanning multiple industries including: consumer products, packaging, fashion accessories, furniture, eyewear and more!


"Evolve is a vital part of my design process. It allows me to develop multiple concepts using its unique history function while giving me the ability to visually illustrate my product design proposals that are realistically rendered."
- Thomas Hicks, Senior Industrial Designer, Lear Corporation

The Evolve Difference

Do more in one place with Evolve without the added cost or hassle of third-party plugins or tools. Evolve offers ultimate freedom of organic surfacing, parametric solid controls and polygonal modeling all coupled with construction history and state-of-the-art photorealistic rendering.


Evolve offers free form surfacing, solid modeling, and polygonal modeling all controlled within construction history. Select the right approach for each aspect of your design to create the precise results you need.


Quickly and easily alter your designs without the need to rebuild your model. The Construction History allows you to edit any portion of your model while Evolve seamlessly updates your entire model for you.


With Evolve, there is no need to purchase additional packages or export your model to another tool. Evolve’s built-in rendering allows you to create beautiful photorealistic renderings and animations directly inside your modeling package.


What's New in Evolve 2016

Evolve 2016 includes 100s of new features and improvements.

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New polygonal based modeling toolset.


New Section View and Drafting view tools.


New rendering technology and UI/UX.

Click here to View a Demo of Evolve 2015's Rendering

Keyboard Shortcuts

New customizable keyboard shortcuts.

Curve on Surface

New tool for creating curves directly on surfaces.


One-click conversion from polygons to NURBS surfaces.

World Browser

New 'tabbed' system for easier access and model management.

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What's New Videos

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The addition of polygonal modeling to the Evolve toolset makes Evolve 2016 the ultimate hybrid modeling system. Evolve allows its users to mix and match modeling techniques on the fly without additional plugins.

Hover over the blue dots below to learn about the three types of modeling in solidThinking Evolve 2016.

Organic Surface Modeling

Bring your ideas to life with modeling tools like Loft, Sweep and Blend Curves.

Polygonal Modeling

Easily create complex, freeform shapes with PolyNURBS and Nurbify.

Click here to see Nurbify in action.

Solid Modeling

Maintain technical precision with solid modeling tools like Booleans and Shelling.


solidThinking Evolve 2016 features a completely rebuilt rendering tool and user interface. Use Evolve's built-in rendering to create stunning photo-realistic images directly inside the modeling window.

Slide the center bar below to reveal the rendering.

Click on any of the thumbnail images below to explore renderings created in Evolve 2016.


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Interested in learning more about Evolve 2016? View our recorded webinar below for an introduction to Evolve 2016 and a demo of its new features.


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